About Elite Air, Riverside Specialty Gas Supplier

Elite Air is the division of California Tool & Welding Supply that is dedicated to providing top quality specialty gases and reliable and friendly customer service.  We are a family owned and operated company celebrating over 40 years of service to the Inland Empire, Orange County, Los Angeles County  and Las Vegas areas.  Our Specialty Gas Laboratory is located in Riverside, California and is staffed by quality employees knowledgeable in the calibrating and blending of specialty gases to fit the needs of our customers. Having an in house laboratory has allowed for us to deliver product with a quicker turn around than many of our competitors and allows for us to make customer needed changes to mixes on the fly. We work closely with our customers to get to know their process so that we can accurately provide product and support for all their future needs.
Elite Air and California Tool & Welding Supply are active members of Purity Plus Specialty Gases, which insures that on top of our own internal quality control standards, we are held to additional standards and are audited by an outside agency.
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